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Circular Coast is about growing a sustainable, healthy and prosperous future for communities on the Yorkshire Coast.

By looking differently at how we consume and produce the things we need and making better use of our resources we all stand to gain.

Circular Coast asks the question: How can we provide for ourselves the things we need to lead good and useful lives while ensuring the resources we need to do that aren’t wasted?

In Scarborough, our vision is of a town where everyone is valued, nothing is wasted and where our own, local resources and resourcefulness are enough to provide for our needs.

We focus on the practical and achievable, treating each other with civility, respect and kindness.

We believe in the power of individual and collective action.


Between 18-25 September 2021, we had our Great Big Green Week on the Yorkshire coast – Click here to find out what we were up to!

We are part of Circular Yorkshire

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